Light Pink Freeze Dried Petals - 10 cups


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Perfect petals for your big day!  

Light pink petals - 1 packet of 10 cups.  10 cups = approx 300-320 Petals.

Our freeze dried petals retain the soft texture and shape of fresh petals while lasting for months. Just store in cool, dark & dry place in the box it is delivered to you in (but never in the fridge or freezer).  Freeze-dried petals are more acceptable to churches and wedding venues for tossing because the moisture has been removed and there is less risk of staining carpets, floors, and clothing. They are also biodegradable - no clean up of these required!

Rose petal toss portions can be prepared in advance. You can make your own rose petal pathway and decorate your reception tables with rose petals yourselves long before the wedding begins. Petals can be used to accent the wedding cake, cover the aisle runner, decorate tables, and the most popular trend is to use them for a petal toss after the wedding.


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