Firework send-offs

February 09, 2018


I’ve never heard of this at a New Zealand wedding, I got the idea from the US… What do you mean, fireworks at an American wedding? Of course there is. Nothing like loud, over the top, colourful lights in the sky to end the wedding day!

There are a few companies around who specialise in wedding fireworks displays. For brides and grooms who have the cash to splash out on pro pyrotechnics you’re guaranteed to get impressive sky rockets that will light up the night and create the firework send-off you always dreamed of. But we don’t all have room in the budget so here are some creative alternatives.

You’d be optimistic to achieve the above result with DIY fireworks. But little, old, underestimated sparklers can actually make for some really special photos and keep the guests amused for a little while! In NZ we can only buy fireworks during the four-day period from 2nd November until 5th November so if your big day is before then I hope you stocked up last year! If you do go ahead with DIY fireworks I’d advise you nominate a couple of guests to be your personal wedding pyrotechnicians (and needless to say make sure they stay sober before lighting up).

Another alternative to big-bang fireworks is non-pyrotechnic displays. Confetti or streamer cannons (which in fairness do make a bang) are cheaper crowd pleasers than fireworks but they do have the downside of making a bit of a mess so check with the venue before you start shooting millions of tiny bits of tissue paper and metallic confetti in all directions. Regardless I think they make for amazing photos and in my opinion are more humble and romantic than huge expensive firework displays.