Indoor furniture outdoors

March 08, 2017

Indoor Furniture Outdoors

I know this inside-out concept isn’t that dramatic as to unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe, but it sure is a sight to smile at. There’s something beautiful about bringing the comforts of home outdoors with nature which delights people - even those guests (mothers) who worry about the higher possibility of grass stains on the furniture.

You can be as subtle or extreme as you like with the furniture. As a subtle example your wedding registry table might instead be two mismatched armchairs and a distressed wood coffee table or vintage trunk.

An extreme example, and one I’m quite fond of, is the reception housed under the stars with lots of dining tables, random chairs and lights for the guest tables.

Post-dinner drinking, mingling and dancing would then require cosy areas for people to settle in for some wild banter with their third cousin, or some space to break out their improvised dance moves. This calls for persian rugs and charmingly worn tufted leather couches lit by table lamps and lanterns… it’s harder to know where to stop then to know where to begin.

Another simple idea for using indoor furniture outside is using it to serve guests - the image below shows a quaint hall table used as a sweet station, genius.

For guests to relax amongst with their drinks or simply for a great photo opportunity, adding some vintage furniture, lamps and rugs to the outdoor space creates whimsical ambiance which draws guests and adds another unforgettable element to your day.

Georgina Waswo