June 03, 2018

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful (and fun) times in anyone’s life and we want to help you prepare for the big day!

1. Organisation is key!
Keep all your inspiration in one place for easy reference.  Create a wedding folder and/or vision board and pin anything and everything that inspires you.  Take your time and prioritise items with weekly to-do lists and ask for help from your partner, friends or family.

2. Confirm your budget
This is really really important!  You cannot make any decisions without having a clear idea of what you’re willing to spend.  Everyone's budget is different.  You don't have to spend a fortune to make your day perfect.  Remember you're marrying the love of your life - that's the most important thing!

3. Reserve your date and venue
Select the date for your big day and once you've decided on location and style of wedding (e.g. traditional, beach, rustic), it's time to start the hunt for the perfect venue.  Ensuring your chosen venue is within budget and available on your chosen date - pay the deposit and pop the bubbles!

4. Select your wedding party
This is where you may or may not ruffle a few feathers.  Make sure you choose who you want on your team, not who you think you should have.  Just remember, this is your big day and you deserve to have your nearest and dearest by your side to share this very special time with you. 

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5. Start a guest list
Large wedding? Small wedding? Somewhere in between?  Work out how many guests you are hoping to invite, with the notion that at least 10% will RSVP no.  Be careful about inviting guests as a courtesy - what if they all actually commit and say yes?

6. Book your celebrant
Make sure you find someone suited to your personality and style of wedding. Most importantly, someone you will feel comfortable with.

7. Research caterers, photographers, florists etc - BOOK!
The sooner, the better!

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8. Plan your theme/styling
Decide on the colour theme and overall look and feel for your wedding.  Whether you are planning a rustic, vintage, romantic or modern wedding - check out www.myweddingstore.co.nz for all your styling needs!

9. Purchase your dress and wedding party attire

This is the fun part.  Enjoy this very special time with your bridesmaids and spend the day drinking champagne and trying on all styles of dresses.  Even those you don't think will suit you - you may be surprised!

10. Order the cake
Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, fruitcake? Fondant, buttercream or naked?  Decisions, decisions!

11. Reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel

It is always super convenient when the bridal party reserves a certain amount of rooms for out-of-towners.  They often offer discounts to wedding parties who reserve 10+ rooms on the same night.  Yay to savings!

12. Wedding registry
Time to shop!

13. Launch a wedding website
This is optional, but allows guests to access all the wedding details in one place - including gift registry, directions, dress code and RSVP details etc.  You can even ask guests to RSVP online. 

14. Send out invitations
Be sure to give guests enough time to RSVP, but also set a firm ‘RSVP-by date’ for your own sanity.

15. Plan the honeymoon
Snow or sunshine? Action-packed or relaxation?  Whatever you decide to do, wherever you decide to go - it'll be magical as it's your first holiday together as a married couple!

16. Book the rehearsal dinner 
Decide on location and send out a separate reminder to guests who are invited.

17. Work on seating plan
No, Aunt Louise and her ex-husband CANNOT be sitting at the same table.

18. Plan a bridal shower
It's time for your bridesmaids to shine and plan you the best party of your life!

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19. Select hair and make-up
Find a hair and make-up artist well in advance, send them photos of the look you are hoping for and book a rehearsal prior to the wedding.

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20.  Get a marriage licence
Make it legal! :)

21. Music

Select the music for your ceremony and reception, including walking down the aisle and back, while you sign the register and your first dance.  Don’t forget to confirm the DJ or band!

22. Finalise details with your vendors
Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Give vendors (caterers, florist, photographer etc) and yourself peace of mind by deciding on the details early.

23. Purchase your rings, write your vows
Don’t let your partner wait until the day before to write their vows, as they can come off a little rushed. Try on the rings and opt for special engravings if desired.

Photo credit:  White Locket Boutique Photography, New Zealand  |  www.whitelocket.com

24. Meet with all vendors one last time and visit the venue
Confirm that all necessary payments have been made and final details are ironed out.  It's a good idea to create a runsheet of the big day and send to your vendors (venue, hair/make-up, photographer, caterers, band etc) so everyone knows where they should be and when - ensuring your day runs without a hitch.

25. Relax and enjoy your special day!