Wedding favour packaging - Part 1

January 29, 2014

In my experience every wedding I have attended has been pretty consistent in providing wedding favours to the guests as a small token to say ‘thank you’ for celebrating the special day with the bride and groom. The tradition apparently started in the 16th century where guests were given a bonbonniere - a small box filled with sugar treats (and sugar was quite a luxury back then).

The most impressive favours are ones packaged with a personal touch or point of difference. For example a white box filled with generic lollies is nice, but only because everyone likes candy. No one will be blown away, nor will it be memorable. So, here are some of my favourite favour packaging ideas to get the ball rolling...

Novelty Favour Boxes

I’ll let the pictures do the talking - so many choices!

Jars of Special Homemade Condiments or Local Product

Personal touch? Tick. Point of difference? Tick.

Whether you have a special jam recipe to fill the jars or simply customise the label on locally made chutney, you’ve ticked the boxes and guests can take home a yummy taste of handmade goodness to remember your big day.

Brown Paper Treat Bags

These are my number one favourite favour packages! Never thought someone would be so into brown paper bags? Meet me.

I especially like them because they’re so versatile; they suit any wedding theme and can be customised in any way you like.

Patterned paper treat bags

These are so sweet yet cost effective. They add more colour to brighten up the table settings and don’t be afraid to use multiple different patterns.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I go a bit nuts with favour ideas for different ‘types’ of wedding guests: men, children, nana, etc