Wedding Favour Ideas: Part 2

February 10, 2014

In my last entry I talked wedding favour packaging, which is the easy part. It’s trickier thinking of a favour, that everyone will love and appreciate, to put inside the beautiful packaging while staying within your budget.

Here are 5 favour ideas to get your brainstorm started:

1. Sweets

I’ve put this first because it’s the most obvious but people do expect it now and I guess there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with expectations. For my own sanity though I urge you to make an effort in being somewhat creative with what sweets you choose. For example rather than just putting homemade russian fudge in a bag (which is delicious, don’t get me wrong), why not make vanilla fudge coloured to your wedding theme? This fudge would be perfect for pastel colour themed receptions and give that extra wow factor…

2. Cupcakes

These would be extra special if the cupcakes matched the wedding cake flavour and frosting. Then the guests would be taking away a little piece of the day home with them. And who can resist these cute cupcake boxes?!

3. For the ladies…

A couple of non-edible favour ideas I like for the female guests are little nail polishes or lip glosses. If you buy in bulk online you can usually save a fair amount on the retail price and you can personalise a little ‘thank you’ tag or label on them.

4. For the lads…

I don’t condone smoking but I do live by the saying ‘everything in moderation’ because I’m only human. And I think cigars with a nice custom label would be an awesome wedding favour for male guests (or selected male guests in case you’re worried of offending people). It’s a celebration after all so why not make like Sir Winston Churchill! Another idea is custom bottle openers, but get cool enough ones so they will actually use them - like this awesome key one!

5. Small pot plant

These miniature cacti aren’t my cup of tea but I know I’d still really appreciate it if I was a guest who received this and they’re different enough to be memorable. Pretty cute really...

I hope this list has hit your ideas nerve! To finish, here are some other favours which didn’t make

my top 5:

- Shot glasses customised with your wedding monogram and/or date

- Tea towel

- Scented candle in small glass holder

- Miniature bottles of liquor

- Wine bottle stoppers

- Customised playing cards

- Bath bombs/salts