Manicure Trends

March 10, 2014

I like to justify indulging in luxuries such as professional manicures by saying, “it’s for a special occasion,” and “I don’t do this very often,” so what better justification is there than, “it’s my wedding day and I do what I want”?

Like all decisions for your wedding you want to make the right choice for your manicure: do you go for naturally nude, beautifully bold, or perfectly pretty? It will all depend on your dress, shoes, make-up and of course your personal taste.

For your consideration here are five manicure ideas for you or your bridesmaids on the big day.

1. Caviar, Madam?

I’ve only just discovered caviar nails (I know, where have I been?) and I’m obsessed! Basically while the nail polish is still wet you dip your nail in caviar beads, then when it has dried you do a top coat of clear polish to seal it all in. The best method is to do one nail at a time. Caviar beads can be bought online for around the $12 mark.

I love the pearl caviar beads featuring on the ring fingers, and in the next image the beads are clear but on top of white polish; these can look effective on all colours.


2. Neato Nail Art

It’s easy to make nail art look tacky but when it’s done right it’s so gorgeous!

Nail art works best when it’s subtle, that’s why I can’t get enough of these lacey stick-on designs which blend in perfectly with the classic french manicure.


3. Glitter is Good

Think not of mardi-gras-esque glitter nail polish! These glittery goddess nails are just simply a glossy, nude polish featuring a classy bit of sparkle. So simple, but so perfect.



4. French Me

The alternative french manicures have totally grown on me. I used to be a bit weirded out by them, and it took me a while to come across some I like and grow a fondness of. Here are my favourite ‘french manicures’ for the bridal party. By the way, I have no idea how these are done, sorry (which adds to my utter admiration for them)!


5. Bold and the Beautiful

Number 5, the last beautiful idea I’ll suggest is to go with bold nails. You should choose the colour to coincide with something else such as: the colour of your lipstick, your bridesmaids’ dresses, your bouquet, your shoes. One of the upsides to bold colours (well for me it’s an upside) is they actually look a lot better on short nails than on long ones!

In this instance the bride is coordinating her nails with her lipstick… and by the looks of it with her husband’s lipstick too!Southern-weddings-red-nail-polish-wedding.jpg

In this last image I’m in love with the grey colour this bride has chosen for her nails. It compliments her smokey eye make-up and dark hair so well that I think I might have to request this exact manicure for my wedding too - so cool