Invitation Innovation

March 14, 2014

Resist the urge to send out boring, cliche wedding invitations and absorb some creative ideas from my top 5 list of inspiring wedding invitations!

I have intentionally hand-picked ideas that are straight-forward enough for the average person to put together (with maybe a bit of help from a graphic designer/skilled friend!).

1. All Mapped Out

When designed well maps on wedding invitations are so visually interesting. I think they are a must for weddings that are out of town and for the extremely nit-picky guests, who must know as many details as possible to lessen their anxiety (as if being the guest of a wedding is stressful), then maps are the way to go and should mean less questions from everybody!

Design wise the choices are infinite. You could have a simple line map on lovely paper themed to your wedding decor…


Or you could go as far as to include keys to illustrate particular points of interest for the guests including local amenities.


2. Sweeten the Deal

These chocolate wrapper invitations are just the sweetest!


While I can understand not everyone would be too keen to fork out to buy a block of chocolate for each invitation, you can adapt the idea to be more affordable by using smaller pieces of chocolate like chocolate hearts or Hershey’s Kisses!


3. Dangle Boxes

These are much easier to make than they look and they will really impress your wedding guests!

To make it even simpler I suggest doing squares rather than the circular design only because it’s much easier to buy little square boxes (also cutting them out will be a breeze in comparison!).3.jpg

4. Onesie Invitations

Ha, I got you! You were thinking about those hideous onesie pyjamas weren’t you? Well, what I actually mean by ‘onesie’ is that these invitations contain all the information on one piece of paper - postcards!

If you don’t mind information about your wedding being exposed to the world while it wings it’s way to the your guests, then go for this idea! That’s if I haven’t put you off already.


The following* are particularly awesome invitation postcards! *Graphic designer required for desired results.84ce42aba669237f1da9b8c914ac5c18.jpg

And finally, numero cinco…

5. Photographic Genius

No graphic designer needed for these invitations, just a camera and some creative, right-brain-leaning friends will be put to good use too! For inspiration, keep scrolling to see these incredible ideas.