Five Uses for Jars At Your Wedding

March 26, 2014

I’ll be so bold as to say that jars are the most versatile accessory you could think to use for your wedding. So here are five uses for jars that should up my statement and give you some cool ideas to use!

1. Let there be light

Tealight candles are so affordable now that it’s almost a joke how easy it is to pull off a candle-jar combo.

Step 1: take hold of said jar.

Step 2: place candle in jar you have just successfully taken a hold of.

Step 3: invest in extra long lighter or matches so as not to burn yourself or others while attempting to light said candle in said jar. Voila - [almost] instantaneous, beautiful light source!


2. Do us a favour

My list of ideas for wedding favour jars begins….. now:

Candles, homemade jams/chutneys, candy, honey (see cute photo below), mini cacti, bath salts, cake (read on for more on this). The list is endless, as is the coolness factor of wedding favours in jars!


3. Hold on to your napkins

Jars just make everything more awesome don’t they? Cutlery in cutlery holder = boring. Cutlery in jars = might become a talking point for guests when they realise they’re asking someone to pass them a jar of forks! If the cutlery jars are too informal for your liking you could have individual knife/fork/spoon/napkin jars at each table place setting instead.


4. Whiskey in the jar-o

Reception welcome drinks will definitely be welcoming for guests when their cocktails are served in cute jars like these! Vintage paper straws are the best accompaniment to jarred cocktails, especially when lids with straw holes are involved (as shown below). Mix and match the colours for your wedding theme and you’re away!

il_fullxfull.456887515_4i9g.jpg mason+jar+drinks+mojitos.jpg

5. Sweet as pie

I left this little gem for last. Say hello to dessert in a jar! These would make ideal wedding favours or even just as an optional dessert for guests. I have a weird obsession with lining things up in a row so just the thought of all these gorgeous jars lined up on the dessert table at a wedding reception makes me so happy! My favourite jar idea, hands down.