Bridesmaids: Key trends for 2014

March 31, 2014



We’re spoilt for choice with dresses for the bride’s best ladies; it’s so much easier now in this respect because the in-season fashion dresses can often be passed off as bridesmaids dresses. It’s narrowing down your vision for your bridesmaids’ looks which it most important. Knowing what you want before you go shopping will make the journey to find the perfect dresses that bit more straightforward.

Here are the top 5 trends for bridesmaid dresses to get you and your bridesmaids brainstorming:

1. Lovely in lace

En trend at the moment is lace and you’ll find a dress in every colour if you’re committed to look.

Lace suits all shapes and sizes so it’s just a matter of choosing the right dress pattern and lace pattern that will compliment the wedding gown.


2. Femininely floral

A garden wedding wouldn’t be complete without gorgeous floral bridesmaids dresses. They make fun dresses as a wardrobe staple after the wedding too. Choose big floral patterns for ladies with larger frames; smaller floral patterns suit most other body shapes.


3. Classic silhouette

These dress shapes are the go-to styles particularly if you have bridesmaids of really varying body types. There’s nothing worse than forcing a bridesmaid into an unshapely shift dress when it won’t suit them and just make them feel uncomfortable. Having a fitted waist is far more flattering for everyone.


4. Beautifully bold

Fashion colours raspberry red and inky blue will make the bridal party pop. Add sparkling jewellery and red lipstick for a hollywood glamour look.


5. Pleasing patterns

The thought of patterns can be a put off, especially when stood next to a stunning bride in white. But if a subtle pattern is chosen, rather than being a distraction to the attention of the wedding gown, they can be a beautiful accessory. I’ve picked some favourites of mine which would work perfectly as bridesmaids dresses.


Happy dress shopping with your leading ladies! x