Off-season Weddings Part 1: Why off-season weddings will save you some serious money...

May 01, 2015


April through to September is considered the off-season for weddings in New Zealand meaning almost everything you pay for and buy for your wedding will be significantly cheaper.

“Yes…” you say, “but the weather’s naff”. And to that I say, “Indeed”. But you can slap a big fat discount price tag on that hand-me-down weather which will save you thousands of dollars, and even your guests will reap the benefits of your off-season wedding date.

In my next few blog entries I’ll explain more so you can see how summer weddings can sometimes (most of the time) be over-priced, then maybe you’ll decide to compromise those higher temperatures with lower costs.


Businesses which rely on seasonal custom are more than likely to be flexible with their pricing during their off-season. Most places will have a standard price for their off-season but don’t be shy to ask if they can better the price. Keep in mind they’d rather lower their price than lose your booking.



As with weddings, hotels have their off-season too which means cheaper prices for you and for your guests. Most hotels are happy to offer a group discount rate for accommodation to wedding guests so an off-season room rate plus group discount will be a welcome cost in comparison to the summer equivalent. Just think about the savings you’d make if you also had your reception at the hotel. Hotel wedding packages will have an off-season rate, but remember you’re the paying client so don’t hesitate to enquire about a special discount.

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Keep an eye out for my next blog to continue with off-season savings, this time for wedding gowns, catering and more! x