Local Flowers for an Eco-Wedding

September 21, 2014

Local Flowers for a Eco-Wedding


Using in-season and ethically produced flowers is one way to go green when organising your special day. Almost 80% of flowers are imported from abroad. These are rarely checked by authorities and often carry harmful pesticides which are harmful to workers and the environment.
Sourcing in-season flowers from the country you live in will make a lower footprint on the environment and support local business. Choosing blooms from an organic local business further reduces the risk of flowers grown using dangerous chemicals as these farmers practice socially responsible and ethical methods of farming.
If purchasing imported flowers is unavoidable then try and source fair trade florists who promote fair wages and sustainable practices by looking after not only the workers but the local community and in any way they can, the environment.





Keep your wedding green this year and support your local Kiwi owned florists with Kiwi grown flowers.