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October 01, 2013

My Wedding Blog - Georgina Waswo

Wedding trends we’ll see this summer

As with fashion we have the luxury of looking to the other side of the world to find out new wedding trends before they hit our shores. Here are ten trends that stood out from 2013’s American summer weddings which will add that extra bit of magic to any Kiwi wedding.

1. Barefoot Beach Brides

Ditching the jandals and basking in the glorious freedom of wearing bare feet on the beach has become a popular trend for weddings in the US. I’m pretty sure Kiwi brides and grooms have been doing this for years so now just embrace it!

2. Summer Cocktails

Have your guests greeted at the reception with a yummy summer cocktail. You and your other half could pick your favourite cocktail recipes to serve but the fun part is dressing them up with cool vintage paper straws and serving them in cute jars or glass milk bottles.

3. Sunset Ceremonies

Not only is it such a romantic time of day, your groom will thank you for getting married during this cooler time rather than suffering through the heat of the day in a suit! Time the ceremony according to the sun so your guests are wow’d and the photographer gets some impressive shots with nature at it’s most beautiful.

4. Indoor Furniture Outdoors

For guests to relax on with their cocktails or simply for a great photo opportunity, adding some vintage furniture, lamps and rugs to the outdoor space creates whimsical ambiance which draws guests and adds another unforgettable element to your day.

5. Flower Crowns

With traditional veils becoming less and less common among brides alternative hair pieces are turning wedding guests’ heads. En trend in the US are flower crowns worn by the bride and bridesmaids. Impressive flower crowns can be bought made of gorgeous faux flowers, or it may be something to discuss with your florist.

6. Open-Air Marquees

A little riskier with NZ’s four-seasons-in-one-day weather but with some strategic positioning of the marquee to shield guests from breeze, well-placed citronella candles and ambient outdoor lighting how romantic would an open-air reception be?

7. Rustic Tables

The US summer weddings didn’t stop at the LED light curtain backdrop to make the bridal table standout at the reception. Find a big rustic farm table to seat the bridal party and dress it with colourful glass jars, wild posies, candles and burlap style mesh for the table runner.

8. Gourmet S’mores

They’ve taken the sweet table a step further but I think us Kiwis can pull it off too. Making childhood treats into gourmet wedding desserts: s’mores, ice cream sandwiches, brownie and cake-pops. I’m thinking mini-pavs, deep-fried Jelly Tip ice cream and Pineapple Lump cheesecake!

9. Firework send-offs

Fireworks at an American wedding!? Of course there is. Nothing like loud, obnoxious, colourful lights in the sky to end the wedding day! In NZ we can only buy fireworks during the four-day period from 2nd November until 5th November so stock up and nominate a couple of guests to be your personal wedding pyrotechnicians (and make sure they stay sober before lighting up!).

10. Pastel colours

This is a big trend for wedding decor as well as bridesmaids’ dresses. More often bridesmaids are wearing different coloured dresses which works particularly well with pastels.



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