My Wedding Blog: Sunset Ceremonies

October 10, 2013

No explanation is required, the title says it all. Honestly, if you aren’t into sunsets then you have no soul. That’s equivalent to people who “don’t like chocolate”. It is both impossible and confusing. Not only is sunset such a romantic time of day, your groom will thank you for getting married during this cooler time rather than suffering through the heat of the day in a suit!

Time the ceremony according to the sun going down (thank goodness for Met Service) so that your guests are wow’d and the photographer gets some impressive shots with nature at it’s most stunning. A lot of photographers actually prefer to shoot in low-light to capture some amazing colour and depth.

You might be concerned that having a sunset wedding will skew the normal wedding schedule slightly e.g. time and light for photos, when dinner will be served, speeches, etc. Well, you’d be right thinking the normal procedure of how a wedding day unfolds will be out-of-whack, but so what? This will make your day all the more special and memorable for you and your guests.

Have your guests seated for dinner straight after the ceremony so you don’t eat too late, keep speeches short and sweet (as the should be!), and as for time to take photos, that beautiful sunset backdrop to your ceremony will far outweigh the hundreds of photos of you positioned in a million different poses while your guests sink a few too many drinks waiting for the bridal party to get to the reception. Take a leap, it will be well worth it.

- Georgina (Bride to be)